Principles in the shovel selection

Principles in the shovel selection

Important Information on Shovel Size / Shovel Contents

The details contained in our website and in our brochures relate solely to the weycor shovels referred to in the respective data sheet, with the associated technical parameters and configurations on which the respective CE approval for the device is based. The volume of the specific usable shovel depends on the material-specific bulk weights (t/m3) of the shovel contents, which you can take as approximations from the data sheet's TABLE OF SPECIFIC WEIGHTS IN t/m3. Regardless of this, neither the wheel loader's permissible working weight nor its permissible tipping loads may be exceeded. If the wheel loader is equipped with shovels that are not manufactured and licenced by Atlas Weyhausen GmbH, the buyer and / or the operator is solely responsible for compliance with the relevant statutory regulations and licensing requirements – particularly those relating to road-traffic and road-traffic-licensing law.

About weycor

For over 50 years, weycor by Atlas Weyhausen GmbH from Wildeshausen has been developing, building and selling wheeled loaders, tandem rollers and single-drum compactors – construction machines for the use in main construction trades, agriculture, gardening and landscaping, materials handling, recycling and also for local councils.


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